A suburban house a pressure generator and mystery good neighbor, a stealth horror game with cartoon art unusual. This game is an intruder in the house of his neighbor secretly. However,If your neighbor is and allow end well. You decide luck, cunning, and a little confused to escape anger.

Terror in the suburbs

The cheerful, coloridoambiente comic Hello NeighbourMaakt management incongruousFor determination of horror. The game is not good, you get everything that is not in the house across the road. Continue mystery set trial adjust AI that learns from its options and develop new strategies to catch it.Fortunately, a number of objects and interface environment to help confuse and distract the enemy. Find your neighbor’s house to find clues and search naarLos mystery of what this crazy mustacheA.

merry terrible

If you need a mix of Norman Rockwell charm, puzzles and games to decide their need to check good neighbor. It is very charming with a certain atmosphere of pressure and threats to burn.

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