BitComet has been around since 2003, and the P2P client scene to download BitTorrent / HTTP / FTP.

BitComet allows you to share files with other users, even if it only applies to files that can be legally transformed online. The interface is the same as the eMule properties that emerge inLeft panel, manage and load torrents from the window in the middle. When the material starts to load, biasaberhenti, pause, delete, update and other options all BitComet benefits «all torrent files» option that removes all traces of rain does not want from your computer.

Download speedIn order, although it does not follow similar P2P applications, such as Utorrent. One of the reasons for this is that many BitComet users like it were not choosing an efficient and convenient market. One useful feature MoreBitComet however media pratontonpilihan the power of rain for download consistently,But not in this way, allows you to display multimedia content. Its a good way to avoid broken links, but, on the downside, this will slow down the download significantly.

Recently, BitComet is experimenting with a function that allows you to load some orAll data from the source in BitTorrent torrent, or even from friends of torrents that have all or part of the same content. Please note that the client of the first 64-bit version is stable on the air inijuga BitTorrent

Another interesting feature of BitComet is the connection speedTo cache a really thinking disk. If you are lucky enough to get transfer speeds of 500 kb / or higher, activation allows BitComet to access the cards to cache the data less often. The result of this is that it does not slow down the computer to getLarge amounts of data can sometimes create.

One disadvantage of BitComet is you pestered with ads from time to time in the main interface. Another drawback is that the rules can not remove it. System applications are not registered, even if you can send the firstAnd the second with clearing registered a good example: Revo.

Customers are easier and more popular there, such as: Utorrent Utorrent and Azureus suggested downloading speed better kekecohan.Walau less However, if your connection is fast, can not wait until your files are downloaded before you watch them and happyCustomer is a server with a lot of whistles and bells, BitComet can be for you.


Improved graphical interface: the height of the rescue and the task list of window panes individual stories of the torrent

GUI security task error occurred or downloadedTogether, when the task list is

Graphical user interfaceUpdate: Added confirmation message when recovery paparantorrents list hidden Peer Share

Correction: automatically closed when a certain job

FIX: web browser for useIn the default system instead ofIE

Correction: torrent icon documents do not need to use the program

GUIbugfix: When adding a new torrent, all files will be downloaded and select

Experience in the task list, which can not be changed when major newspapers / End: bugfix

Correction:Settings – Task list – The filter does not work when the project was started

The main bugfix: Catch torrent file uses UTF-8

BitComet 1.39

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