Microsoft Classic onlinevhile browser allows you to set many parameters (security, privacy, usability) display.

New features for security and privacy

Internet Explorer 9 has a new Lookund offers a number of options to Itto closer to competitiveness.

thatto privacy «InPrivate» option (allows you to see the incognito) are very much appreciated and will allow you to open sessions pageA visited without your gistoryiabo acceptingcookies to speichern.Es is now also possible to customize the privacy settings to decide which type of data you want to sharefrom websites that you visit.

It seems that security and improved, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 now provides us with new tools such as monitoring and Schutzvon SmartScreen Filter (which the security certificate of sites that you can check undesirablepages visit to avoid).

Set up your web browsing experience

internetExplorer9 is the possibility Microsoft could (eventually) system incorporatea card in your browser. It is no longer necessary, a new window for each page you open another visit, and believe me, this new feature for Internet Explorer is not truly a breath of fresh air. It’s a shame,but these innovationes so long to present (more than tookthe competition)!

Nevertheless, it is a search engine that provides a portion of najzanimljivijihOpcije.
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Etomozhno adjust language settings to see which version to choose sides. It’s nice when you are traveling abroad orsindim always todisplai sites in other languages, as will iourbrovser. You can also change the search engineoptionsto choose their favorites, but not necessarily to use Bing as a base.

With regard to the expansion of Internet Explorer9 it sits on and now offers several additional plug-ins to customize the browser.many pashyrennyadontekpect Internet Explorer, but their wines are always delays on other browsers such as Firefox! However, the new power center offers useful options to consider expanding the consumption of resources, so you can quickly identify properties that have their browsing experienceIt is likely to slow.

The search engine, which continuously and is still far to go

There is no doubt that Microsoft has radically changed the copy fürInternetExplorer 9, the new (and desirable) option for privacy, security and expansion. A special place must go centerforektensions powerwhich one to itscompetitors, of course.

But, despite the efforts of Internet Explorer 9 developer weitertoofar behind its main competitors. Not as fast as Chrome, Firefox and varied, or as a simple asOpera, Microsoft’s browser is too bright to see the expansion and too hard, realhutkasts.Internet Explorer 9 is decentbrovser, Alini at the top of the genre.


Internet Explorer 9

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