Sometimes the simpler the better. Kodi XBMC Jarvis 16
This could be the motto of the development LightShot, screen capture tool very simple but useful.

LightShot replace standard PrtScr functionality in Windows and lets you take a snapshot ofYour Sceen, although only in two ways: full screen or user selected area. When the screen is taken, showing LightShot small bar at the bottom of the image with the choice of a few. PrimoPDF 6.1

imagechiGall storage in AndaDrive local copy it to the clipboard or cancel restoration, as well as other interesting two options: save service storing documents online free photo,Perfect for sharing with friends or edit the image editor feature rich online surprising.

LightShot online editor lets you work on an image in different ways,Such as cutting, turning, or even more uniform filter layer newyddgyda and special effects. Once done, you save the image to your hard drive AndaDiJPG, BMP or PNG.

LightShot replacement for functionalityPrtScr standard in Windows. It offers online editor impressive, but without many options.


LightShot 3.2

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