Beach Head 1983 is a game of action / strategy set during World War II. You can play in different parts of the amphibious landing force trying to get to the island Pacific theater of war. At each level of the game, you are responsible for different parts of the intrusion of the previous strategy waterways in the final assault on enemy positions. Each minigame levels makes it fundamentally different very different experience-bezabermain.


Beach Head is a critical hit when it was released in the 80s and iseasy to see why. When the graphics are basic (but ambitious for their day) combines a variety of game navigation of ships in the lead driver in a single package.
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He nuntuk navigate your ship to the island against enemy fleets and vehicle tank during the attack and then into the enemy fortress hicho.
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udhibiti capture much of the island is easy – you only drive many pagpipilotoisang and sometimes shoot – and minimalist sound.

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Beach Chair 80s graphics and jelastidakvoice can hold a candle to the same sophisticated, but the basic game is fun and challenging. If you are interested in the history of video games ambitious title is definitely worth checking out.


Beach Head 2002

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