Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a very good free open source media center is the «High Definition Hub» call of all types of media.

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Because it is open source, is Kodi by many users turn to Plex, Kodi while the original from which the Plex built.
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It is simple instructionesUnius player or adjusting the shaft Kodi streaming videos on the network. You can have a multimedia anywhere in the house or along any stream with internet protocol if available. Kodi line 400 or disc and DVD copy of the image file, popularformat videos on your hard disk, and play with zip zip file in the archives. Winamp Full 5 32bit-64bit Download Free

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Kodi is a media center, which is the greatest of them, unless it is annoying to you, if you do not want to apply it, Plex is able to be better than the alternative.


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