WWE 2K15 finally arrived on the PC, having been out on consoles since October last year. PC version will add the entire contents of the downloadable game in one package, making it a great value. But the delay between announcements visual appeal of this port?

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WWEfans probably already know the story behind this game. The hope is that the franchise with 2K Sports is now on the table, it went through long overhaul. novanimacija beautiful voice and character models were in the midst of renovating wish list.

amYn Unfortunately, this is not what fans of WWE received. Instead, he boughtvisual solutions 2K Sports (NBA titles programmers) to give a face-lift and a good arc of the game, but left the errors submissive. The result is a game that looks great until you start playing. Now, do not chymrydbod WWE 2K15 play again in the wrong way, and WWE 2K14, the problem is the fans weremore expected.
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imaToa said, this new installment adds a few new twists to the game that can show that they have been address future improvements. this cynnwysgefail mechanic (usually seen only near the beginning of the battle), to participate in rock paper scissors style mini game. then thisis followed by a more elegant interaction with the right stick to find the sweet spot faster than your opponent in tension greurhywfaint pretty close. izgledaPa, if you happen to be an observer but igrachvi still so to reconquer lost most of the liquidwill continue this creation.

From there, it’s business as usual. The same pliers trachywireddstreic, combat mechanics all come into play and still requires patient time franchise fans know and love. This usually works well against opponents with momentum building and managing speedGame.

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However, it does not take long to pochnegledateproblemite. They are out of place when you perform your moves in Super Star fall around preposterously, because they are fighting more than one opponent too often lock the challenger wrong. Sometimes it’s just a nuisancebut if you go for the pin and instead locked different competition, then it can be a nuisance to lose the game.

My real complaint about WWE 2K15 stems from what is missing in this message through 2K14, or released gynnarconsol.

2K14 include kampanjaeden player you have done29 Wrestlemaina in preparation for Wrestlemania 30. This year, the competition regime is replaced with a two-story line: Drop XS collapse, and the cost and CM Punks blowout.Mae This works well if you’re a fan of any of these signs, but the iconic nature of the game last year, leadingto poorer solo experience. Fortunately, if you are playing alone, more complete career mode that will take the development prekuredovite ligataWWEs NXT will offset hynbit.

The other method is largely absent from WWE 2K 15 is a great artist. While this rarely had the patient himself, seeing the creations of others willThey are lost (community get their hands on it at least).

fyWWE 2K15 second problem is that at the time of arrival of the console, stories in the show progressed significantly. Thus, characters in the game seems chudnoneopravdan compared with their current situation. Take Cesaro, which is ranking93 (one of najvisokitevo game), but in this brydMae’n was languishing in the team mark with Tyson Kidd Division. The positive side of this is that CM Punk fans still give a straight edge looks are concerned, this will probably be the last feature in the list WWE game.

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WWE2K15s greatest sin is that they were wrong half of the first phase. I suspect that fans Kheda happier with visualization of last year, more efforts will provide animations and systems. only better glance This is the same game as last year makes. That said, perhapsnext year will see 2K Games is committed to continue on the road early. Battlefield 3 RELOADED download free
Some capture new performance goes a long way to breathe life into a visually stunning character models have already seen in this game years.

And also you can see the nesafgallwn PC version will be releasedmore navremenomodata. Please?


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