Sleepless 2017.1080p

Vincent Downs Police in Las Vegas, which has cooperated with the police phase. His partner asked him to steal drugs work. But what they do not know that the drugs belonged to the family of crime Novaks happens after someone crossed. A Rob Novak person rukujeprodaja drugs are aimed atthe person who sold him the drugs, casino boss Rubino. Rubino opening Downs was the one who stole the drugs, so that the kidnapping of his son Dovns «and says Dovns naperadpreparat in his casino. JenniferBriant, idealistic cop who wants to go down every criminal, Turning Novaks.Recently one of his busts bankrupt, and it all by the book. He believes that all people patronize. When he meets Dovns tons to escape from him, and followed him. Padua bring drugs into the casino and masking agents. Padua meet with Rubino and asks him to droga.Padovi wanted a son beforeWhat drugs on him. Rubinopakazav son and went to drugs

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