Logan 2017

In the near future, Logan tired to care for the sick Professor X in place on the border with Mexico. But Logan trying to hide from the world and his legacy is turned upside down when arrived a young mutant, pursued by dark forces. In 2029 mutant bevolkingaansienlik reduce and X-Men disbanded. Logan, the power to heal from, surrendered to alcohol, and is now a life as a manager. He cares for the sick old profesorX keep hidden. Then one day, ask a stranger woman Logan to a girlwith the name Laura on the border to moedigmet Canada.
At first he refused, but Professor wait a long time to appear. She has an incredible battle power and in many ways like Wolverine. He was sinister figures who sought work for a strong company; This is because DNA secrets connected having Logan. brkotnicabeskrajnobegin – In this third film outing Marvel Comics superhero characters affected Wolverinekita see everyday problems. They are older, sick and struggling financiallysurvive. Nursing Logan was forced to wonder whether she can or even wants to sell his

PoignantMedicalnavorser Amy ambitions to open his own health center in Vancouver. He found the property to be sold, and several visits the site, he began experiencing various supernatural phenomena in everyday life, including night vision terrifying scenes of rape enmengerikankematian. He immediately realized that the vision of the scene of a young girl who was raped and brutallykilled. The Boss Baby 2017 Amy`s life took a turn when he began to assemble a look at the life girl`s moments and spirit`s request for Amy to help her succeed. Determined to seek justice for the death of girl`s Amy traced details of kriminalpreku repeated vision and with the help of a detective, he was determined to find the perpetrators and bring the answers young girl`s family and friends.

Language: English

Classification: NA

General Outputs 20 April 2017

Genre: Horror

Duration: Not available

Distributor: GSCmovie

With: Laura Mitchell, Steve Baran, Eric Schweig

Directed by: Jaspreet Kaur

Format: 2D


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Rating 27 3