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Direct! Kelly Ryan, formerly known as the «Live with Kelly», «Live! With Kelly and Michael «and» Live with Regis and Kelly, «inviting people every morning since 2001, Kelly Ripa and Maykl Strahan said that the work of the co-host Regis successor has a charm, individuality and the power to download, and it’s a great game forKelly. Already known as a day of Dynamic Duo, Redzhis Filbin and Kelly Ripa, their sessions talking freely and enthusiasm on a daily basis – and its ability to bind another cool couple pryneslazhytstso each and every question as they share their breakfast and audience. Although he was always Regis and Kelly. firstit was Regis and Kathie Lee. At the end of July 2000 Keti Li Gifford left the show from now until February 2001, the exhibition was known as the «One for Regis.» Regis different co-host each day untilthey found the perfect co-host Kelly Ripa. Studies show arias WABC each morning in New York.Redzhis Filbin, ambayeakawa cultural abrazomtelebachanne, he was awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for best talk show host in May 2001, «Live With Regis and Kelly.» Join the show February 12, 2001, captivating face Kelly Ripa quickly won the hearts of Americans from coast to coast coast, when he joinedthe show in February 2001, his quick wit and broad smile only prove a great addition to the Regis style

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