Mafia 2 is a third person action game for PC users who want to try the virtual mobsters his hands.

It is the same with the Mafia in the 1930s, but much more detailed, Mafia 2 is set between 1940 and 1950 and is located in Empire Bay, which, though fictional, is based on a hybrid of New York, Chicago, LosAngeles, San Francisco, Boston and Detroit. As with other games based role-playing, you have to move the character to the city to complete certain tasks. Can include car theft, fire mengumpulsenjata and interact with the characters manage another computer.

There is a great diversityIn Mafia 2, particularly with regard to the large number of choices that you have when you have a weapon. Do you have a Thompson gun gun and Colt 1911, but there is a Remington 870 pump-action shotgun, MP 40 M3 SMG and more. firearm enthusiasts will surely get a kick out of all these weapons and their representationin Mafia 2.

In addition, ioucan choose between standard and act unasilna Mafia 2. You can not hide behind certain objects, like for cover and shoot at the same time the enemy, which will see the majority of users in the function quite cold, there are three different radio stations canjoin while playing the game: Empire Central Radio, Empire Classic Radio and Delta Radio.

As for the graphics, Mafia 2 lead. http://mahabodh. Mars WiFi Free WiFi HotSpot 3
Live like a crisp, Mafia 2 will not leave keceva.Aduan experienced players just maybe this game can freeze or LAG putaStariji computers.

Mafia 2 are a must try for seriousplayers who want the thrill of the Second World War.


Mafia 2

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