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Live! Song: Ryan, formerly known as «Live Song:», «Live with Kelly, Michael» and «Live with Regis and Kelly» that were hilarious, people every morning since 2001, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan who takes over Co-organizer duties successor king has the charm and charisma industry asA pair of boots and perfectusSong it. After on a stricken day two Redzhys Filbin Kelly Ripa in his daily language study – and play two needles and all the possibilities in life inshomu- share eorumauditorio morning coffee. O Kelly with him Rehys. The beginning was Rehys, Cathy Lee. In 2000, at the end of July, Kathy Lee Gifford leftThe Febuary to show only from 2001 on the show was that «when you live the king.» The country was on another day every co-host untilthey found the perfect co-host Kelly Ripa. Relays are broadcasted in the morning every WABC studio in New York. Filbin King, who became an icon of cultural telebachennimovlennya awardedFor the outstanding daytime talk showClinic May 2001, «About Kelly King Live.» Joining the show on February 12, 2001 exceeds the personality of Kelly Ripa quickly conquered the heart from coast to coast Americaecum February 2001 talent show is the addition of a large and broad smile of bizarre styleKing

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