Name: RimWorld

Genre: Independent, Simulations, Strategy, Early Access

Creator: Ludeon Studios

Publisher: Ludeon Studios

Release date: July 15, 2016

About this game

RimWorld Initiative colony storyteller sim sci-fi smart AI. And inspired by the Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, and began three catastropheswith long-term mood settlers needs, wounds, and structure, weapons and clothing of metal, wood, stone, fabric or animal training cute and futuristic livestockAnd lovers and pirate thieves, hostile tribes, animals, insects and freaks tunneling a blast of massive, ancient traffics with passing ships into the colony «is done in nice weather snow storms and refugee fights And prisoners and turn them into their own or sell them to a new world generated every time a colony in the wilderness, the jungle, the tundra and gulyatsrazumny, and easily usingAnymwthiolai generator history. His plan is co-author of the tragic bends, and who today are the stories of prisoners of pirates colonists desperate hunger and survival.
It works by controlling the random events that the world throws at you. Every storm, pirate raid, tour offer and dealer card in its history AI director. There are a number of narrators to choose from. Randy random crazy things, classic Cassandra intends to rastsyazhennepavyshenne and PhoebeChillax like step by stepNo step, no professional colonel ynymsefydlwyr crash-landing disables the destruction of a passenger ship in orbit. You may end up with a gentleman, accountant and housekeeper. You have more settlers through the abduction of wars and include them in your party, it will be redeemed by slave dealers, or take refugees. So your colony always traces its background to people and influences how they play. Aristocrat great social skills (hiring prisoners, negotiatingLabor prices) but do not want to make gorfforolgwaith. Farm, after which no one knows how to eat food for many years of experience, but you can not do research. Nerdy scientist is a great researcher but can not introduce any social problems. Genetic killer can do only kill, but develops the right – and destroy – relatives. Everybody has an idea, on the other hand, that determines whether they will become lovers, married, deceiving, or fighting. Perhaps the best of the twoPasyalentsavshchasliva married – until one of them falls to the surgeon who saved her from the fire of the racing game generates the planet from the equator pole. Will you choose to put your pods crashed in the northern tundra cold, so dry desert, weak forest, equatorial jungle or steam. Different areas with different animals, plants, diseases temperature, precipitation, mineral resources and earth. These survival problems, the diseases infested jungle reactors are very different from thoseIn pusttsyzasushlivae desert or frozen with an increase of two months you can tame the animals and pet on.Bydd attractive to cheer up the sad colonists. Farm animals can be developed, milked and cut. Attack of monsters can be fired from their enemies. Many animals – cats, dogs gain points Labrador, Grizzly Bear, camel, cougar, chinchilla, chicken, and exotic aliens, both in their position RimWorld constantly watching and Wednesday decide how to feel at any given moment.Yanyu response to hunger and fatigue, witness death, the body is not buried disrespectful, injured, left in the dark, are packed in compressed, sleep in the street or in peace with other people, and many other situations. If they are too stressful, angry or can be broken, prostate infection as well as chronic diseases are monitored on every part of the body and affect their ability to character. «Eye injury will be difficult to remove or make aperatsyyu.ParanenyyaLegs slowly down. Hands, brain, mouth, heart, liver, kidneys, abdomen, legs, fingers, and most of them are injured, sick or not, and they all have a ban on rhesymegoleffeithiau. NBA 2K17 CODEX
And other types of organism own plans – Removed deer legs and maybe he still limps the other three. The rhino horn is removed, and it is far less able to recover part of the body from the prosthetics from the primitive to the transcendent. Peg leg budeZho Colonist walk after a rhino accident, but thisIt will still be quite slow. Bionic legs entrepreneur buy expensive next year and Joe becomes a superman runner. You can even remove, sell, buy and thrawsblannumewnol much more than this! The game is simple in modes and the fashion community is more active. Details (all in English was made by the fans).

system requirements

Minimum Operating System Requirements: Windows XP Processor: Core 2 DuoMemory: 4RAMGraphics GB: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB RAMStorage: 500MB free space


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