Setsuna Collectors Edition contains the full game and beautiful original soundtrack composer melody 27 Winters End Tomoko Miyoshi. This is the story of Setsuna; A young woman of extraordinary inner strength and sacrifice she had to do to save the people of his country.

The island has a habit.

untukDalam order to save the world once every ten years, as a sacrifice to the enemy on the island.

One day is difficult, but the enemy until the next victim of the debt.

tyyayakoestay on the island, a tangent trying to appease the enemy, to make sacrifices; Setsuna, was chosen because of his powers of magic.

Setsunalangkah off their guard a distant land, where the ceremony will take place in the future.

Key features: A good JRPG of honor Tuesday, using the latest technology to develop a history that will not be forgotten and the player experience and bring an authentic style JRPG to the current equipment.

barusistem JRPG battle inspired by the timeless classic, ChronoTrigger.

EmosioneleImpakante and unforgettable story of Setsuna pool player in the history of history reflects the sadness of grief

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