Digit CD – January 2002

Digit – monthly computer magazine, began to be published in mid-2001. At the beginning of the year, accompanied by the release of two free CD. Both have CD Autorun Flash-interface:

1. Mindware: ugaritansailkatuta applications based on Windows.

2. PLAYWARE: Windows and related tools for games.


Win9x, IE 5 or Netscape 4x to DirectX

Hardware Requirements:

Minimum: Pentium 200, 64MB RAM, 800 600 with 16-bit true color,

rekamenduemygeta: Pentium 350, 128 MB RAM, 800 600 32-bit color ekinegia

I am here for the exchange of CDs, released in January 2002,the image of ISO. These discs were made during Windows XP.

I do not give the entire contents of the disc CD-ROM. First of all, you can download your skin and see their contents.

guztiaedo software for free, shareware or trial. Quite a few cracks, no viruses.

If you want content, download image recordingCDs, and enjoy! make seeds

DIGIT CDs January 2002

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  3. DIGIT CDs January 2002 Free Download

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