Life 2017

A team of scientists to the development of the International Space Station, and the speed was to death brought found in the form of life that is dying he did, Mars, and Earth, and now there is no danger the lives of the crew. The statue of Mars, studying the space of six ships collected from a garrison of the sample, it is possible that the Red Planet extraterrestrial life. What is contained in the sample is determined with a large crew, single-celledorganism – for example, what about life on Earth. It seems that not sit.Ut, the rooster starts to conduct research as well as that of doughs ones ultimately such unintended consequences in the form of intelligent life easier than anyone could have expected.

Is the story of six ISS crew members, one of which is especially important in the first place was found in history as the first Tuesday of extraterrestrial life. Wilson 2017 watch
So the rooster startsresearch, the modes are not to be implemented in ignorance of the consequences of the experience of more than a form of life, and a man of understanding will eventually had ever expected.

Frank (100 Chris Youthful spirit cousin Mary (McKenna Grace) – – a coastal town in Florida Moore) to raise a prodigy man. Marcus thinks the normal school life of Mary, hateful, since the age of seven geometric knowledge of the French character is terrible mother Cicero (Marcus Lindsay)programs which should not take the threat separate DJ Mary.

GiftedAfter death of his sister: Adler Culture has received the attention and care 7 year old niece, Mary. When Mary`s rhagorolgalluoeddmathematicalontstaan, Frank`s his mother to give her that he will fight to take away from Mary Francis for your child to the care of the state, because it is covered with dust.

Language: English

Clade: NA

General release date July 27, 2017

Genre: Drama

Duration: Not available

dispenser20th Century Fox

Cast: Chris Moore, Marcus State, Grace McKenna

Director: Marc Webb

Format: 2D


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Rating 18 4